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introducing: mQube refeel

Gone are the days when you just couldn't find the exact feel you wanted in the music/media for use in your commercial works; especially with the exact rights and a license that you'd have preferred!

refeel is an mQube's service initiative for corporates, media houses, service agencies & local advertisement houses that need royalty free content on regular basis. Starting from 10th of October, 2010 at 10:10 AM GMT; the refeel service will begin and subscribers of our refeel service will receive Regular and Royalty-Free music and media content such as sampled music, original compositions, sound designs & sound effects, original recordings and more for their media requirements. You can browse, listen and use the treasure of creative stuff from our refeel library.

What all you need to do to get a free supply of mQube refeel™ is, register with us BEFORE the Free Subscriptions run out of stock.

okay, so how does it work?

Pretty simple! Whenever you need anything with a feel, browse through the refeel content that is available for your use according to your subscription; download the desired content along with the relevant license.

Step 1: Register & Subscribe [Do it here, Now!]

First of all, get a FREE Subscription to mQube refeel (alpha). For this, visit our subscription page to register for the Alpha phase of our service. We recommend you READ the terms and conditions that apply to the package you subscribe to; for, anything you receive and use makes you automatically liable to follow the terms & conditions and relevant guidelines. But, HURRY, there are limited number of Alpha Memberships.

Step 2: Receive [Watch your Inbox!]

On 10.10.2010, we promise to be Up & Running, in your service. So, expect the first mQube refeel content to arrive in your inbox, once a week, from that day onwards, until the Alpha phase is over. Don't worry, we won't send you E-MAILS with tons of content or SPAMS or anything you wouldn't want us to. You will be given access to the content right from our servers.

Step 3: Use [Oh, you ought to know about this one!]

Check out the detailed instructions in the first e-mail. It would be as easy as pie! You can use the content you've received in desired manner, provided you follow the terms & conditions. Don't worry, just know that we don't bite at all. ;)

Step 4: Feedback [Like? Dislike?]

At the end of the day, its important for US to provide you the stuff that you like. And, we'll thrive to make sure you get exactly that! If you have got anything to convey, feel free to write us anytime to !

alright, but on what terms?

When all is said & done, there are some CRUCIAL things that always go unnoticed. Don't let that happen here, though. Please read through the Simplified Terms & Conditions here. After all, we don't bite at all!

1. In general, you can use the mQube refeel content on non-exclusive basis by providing credit and a link (as and when applicable) to mQube refeel.

2. If you like any of mQube refeel's exclusive content, and want to buy exclusive license for the same; you can buy it from our store, if its up for sale, or get in touch with us if you are looking for something unique. As a premium service, you can also have modification/customization to the content in your desired manner!

3. As a client, you may not redistribute any content for any commercial use [such as resale, gift-voucher or free promotional material]. In case you want to help, promote or partner with us, get in touch with your affiliate request on

4. Not catastrophic ones, but there may be updates to the Terms & Conditions from time to time. And, using our content means you abide by the renewed Terms & Conditions.

SO, thats pretty much everything you need to know about mQube refeel for now! If you disagree, write to us; and we'll discuss it over. ;-)

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